Criminal Law

The firm gained its reputation for criminal representation some 40 years ago when the former senior partner represented one of the defendants in a high-profile gangland murder case which not only attracted national interest but loosely provided the context for the famous “Get Carter " film.

Since then we have developed one of the largest criminal departments in the North East. Our catchment area ranges from Berwick and the Borders in the North to Teesside in the South. Not only do we handle ordinary criminal cases, but we also have experience of high profile matters; indeed the firm has recently been awarded a contract by the Legal Services Commission to handle Very High-Cost Cases.

All the solicitors in the Department are experienced criminal advocates with differing areas of interest and expertise. We consider competent representation at the police station to be of great importance. Our solicitors not only attend court but represent clients at police stations too.

We have a substantial Crown Court section which handles a broad range of the more serious cases. In recent years it has dealt with a significant number of murder cases.

We also have Police Station Representatives accredited by the LSC to represent clients at the police station. We are able to provide 24-hour cover throughout the year. It is this level of service combined with our experience, down-to-earth approach and enthusiasm which has led to our success.

  • Advice at Police Stations on arrest 24/7.
  • Advice and Representation at Magistrates Court and Crown Court.
  • Advice on arrest in customs investigations.
  • Advice in relation to breaches and Social Security Law.
  • Advice and representation in road traffic matters.
  • Advice on ASBO proceedings.
  • Advice and Representation on Prison Law
  • Advice and representation on extradition.
  • Advice and representation on Drug Trafficking Act Proceedings, including Confiscating Orders.
  • Advice and representation on Human Rights Act issues.
  • Advice and representation on criminal appeals and applications to the Criminal Cases Review Commission.
  • Advice and representation on white collar crime.